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Sepid Tejarat Yaganeh Sharq Company with registration number 74513 is active in the field of content production, advertising, commercial affairs, etc., and according to obtaining the necessary permits, it is now accepting and broadcasting advertisements in the exclusive flight magazine as well as in-flight displays of all domestic and international routes. operates abroad.

We have come to provide the best conditions for customers, traders and exporters, manufacturing companies and business owners, to help them in the direction of marketing, sales and advertising in principle and professionally.

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  • No. 1, unit 2, No. 1, 30 Dazheh Blvd., Mashhad
  • Office: 05138680334
  • Support: 09352700421
  • Fax number: 05138680334
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: stysco.ir
  • www.stysco.ir

our services

  • Content production with the benefit of an experienced staff, with the best design software.
  • Advertisements in all airline passenger flights.
  • Accepting and advertising in the exclusive magazine of airlines.
  • Online and 24-hour support.
  • Doing business.

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Some of the activities of Sepid Tejarat Yeganeh Sharq Company:

  • Joint cooperation and establishment of cooperation understanding with international cargo company in China.
  • Consulting, marketing and product sales for emerging brands.
  • Exporting various agricultural and edible products to Turkey, Kuwait and UAE Carrying out various advertising projects, producing specialized content insidend outside the country.

We will be by your side and with you

  • Acceptance, recruitment and marketing of in-flight advertisements of Mahan Airlines (TV and magazine).
  • Carrying out all tasks of designing teasers, creating clips, 3D, 2D and motion graphics animations, voice acting, creating poetry and music for teasers and clips in Farsi, English and Arabic languages ​​by an expert and experienced team.
  • Carrying out all branding, marketing, commercial and advertising consulting services.
  • Designing a variety of advertising campaigns.
  • Carrying out all export and import of permitted goods from the country’s border terminals.
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