The construction of Kish International Airport was provided in 1349 with the presence of an expert panel consisting of Iranian and foreign experts and a visit to Kish Island, and due to the geographical and strategic location of Kish Island and the natural and attractive features of this island for tourists, coral beaches and The turquoise waters that are saturated around it, this area was chosen as a tourist area and to build an airport that would facilitate the presence of domestic and foreign tourists, it provided the ground for the construction of Kish International Airport.

The construction of the airport was started in 1347 by the Kish Civil Organization, and for the construction of this airport, the engineers and architects who were assigned to build this airport, inspired by the Hawaiian Islands and the southern shores, started their actions for the construction and development of this airport, and in 1352 A part of Masheh village, which was located in the northeast of Kish Island and was considered the best center of the island, was evacuated and around it, which was close to the airport, the French market, Kish Hotel, various villas and palaces, radio and television facilities, power plant and they allocated desalination and provided the ground for its construction in the eastern part of the center of the island, which was the highest place on the island.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that one of the reasons for choosing this place for the construction of this airport was the air force runway that was already located in that area, and finally the construction of this airport began with a huge allocation of money and in 1356 and before The victory of the Islamic Revolution, the construction of phase 1 of the airport, which was considered the main building of this airport, and a part of phase 2 of the airport was completed and this airport was opened in several private ceremonies.

It is interesting to know that on November 7, 1356, with the presence of important personalities of the country at that time, the first Concorde passenger plane landed at Kish airport and the operation of this airport officially began.

At the same time, by the order of the government, a lot of funds were allocated for the development of Kish Island, and the presence of tourists and travelers in large numbers on this island was provided. At the beginning of 1373, by equipping the Kish airport runway with special night flight lights, night flights from different places to Kish were established, and at this time, Kish airport became one of the most important, largest and busiest airports in the country after Tehran’s Mehrabad airport. Had become.

Kish Island can be considered a domestic example of the Hawaiian Islands because this island is one of the main tourist destinations in Iran due to its unique beauty, which attracts not only domestic travelers but also a large number of foreign tourists.

  • Some of the functional characteristics of Kish International Airport are:

    The area of ​​the airport is 9 million square meters
    The airport is 31 meters above sea level
    Having four separate terminals
    The area of ​​domestic terminals is 9500 square meters
    The area of ​​foreign terminals is 4000 square meters
    Kish airport has two parallel runways with a length of 3650 meters and a width of 45 meters


Kish airport is used for both domestic and international flights, and separate terminals have been built for each of these flights, and since many passengers travel to Kish every year by air in different seasons, this airport provides facilities and services. has provided to be able to serve all his guests in the best way.

In 2016, a small airport was established on Hondurabi Island, which is also called Hondurabi Airport. In fact, this airport is one of the subcategories of Kish International Airport. Previously, travel to Hondurabi was only possible by sea, but now sea and air travel to Hondurabi Island is possible.