Rasht Airport

Rasht Airport

Approximately in 1320, the first airport of Rasht named “Soliman Darab” was launched in order to transport goods and passengers more quickly.

This airport was declared closed after several years of operation, until in 1344, new construction projects were created to move the former airport to its current location and restart it.

It was in this way that this airport started its activity officially as the first modern airport of Gilan province in 1347 under the name of “Rasht Airport”.

As you know, Rasht Airport is the only flight path near the Caspian Lake, and for this reason, it is the most economical and optimal way to access Scandinavian countries and Central Europe, which is located 7 km from the Rasht to Anzali road and 15 km from the free zone of Bandar Anzali.

and its area is a little more than two million square meters and 12 meters below the sea level, and it has separate terminals for domestic and foreign flights.

Due to the geographical location and the greenness of Gilan province, as well as the beautiful view of the Caspian Sea, and on the other hand, dense forests of trees, and in most cases due to the presence of clouds and fog, as well as intermittent rains, the international airport of Sardar Jangel Rasht is beautiful. Indescribable from a visual point of view.

Flight information: 199
Rasht airport website address: rasht.airport.ir
Contact number of flight information unit: 013-34888199
Address of Rasht Airport: Gilan Province, Rasht, Vali Asr Blvd., Rasht Jangal Sardar International Airport

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