Kerman International Airport

Kerman is considered one of the most popular tourist cities in Iran and houses one of the most important air bases in the country, and Kerman International Airport welcomes domestic and foreign travelers all year round.
Kerman is considered the largest province of the country and is located in the southeastern part of Iran and occupies 11% of the total area of ​​the country.

More than 600 national works and 5 UNESCO world works have been registered in this city, and it can be said that Kerman is a city rich in historical, ancient and natural works. This province has airports in Bam, Sirjan, Rafsanjan and Jiroft cities, but the largest and most important airport of this province is located in Kerman.
This airport is considered one of the important centers of air transportation in Iran, where an average of 116 foreign and domestic flights take place during the week.

Location of Kerman International Airport:

This airport is also called Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Kerman International Airport (Ayatollah Rafsanjani Airport) and is located at the end of Kerman Islamic Republic Boulevard and is about 13 kilometers away from the city center.

The initial studies about the construction of this airport began in 1304 and many domestic and foreign engineers have participated in the design and construction of this airport until the construction of the runway and the building of this airport began in 1335 and after a few years it was completed. Receipt.

Passenger flights, cargo transportation, and commercial flights began in this airport in 1350, and in the early years, only two flights took place during the week at this airport, until the development and expansion of this airport began in the years after the victory of the revolution. And today, many flights take place from Kerman International Airport.

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Kerman airport terminals:

In 1366, when the terminals of this airport were developed, their area increased by 1,800 square meters, and in 1369, the area of ​​these terminals increased by a total of 2,600 square meters.
These terminals were being developed over the years and this has caused Kerman airport to become one of the most important airports in Iran.

This airport has one foreign terminal and one domestic terminal, which around 730 thousand Iranian and foreign passengers have benefited from its facilities and services.
In addition, there is a separate terminal for flights specially used by pilgrims in this airport, and Kerman International Airport is equipped with many amenities like other airports.

Kerman International Airport information:

Name of the airport: Kerman International Airport
• ICAO code: OIKK
• IATA code: KER
• Type of airport: public
• Terminals: two completely separate terminals
• Height above sea level: 1750 meters
• Official website of the airport:
• Airport phone number: 034_32110031

This airport is located inside the city and on Republic Boulevard in Kerman. There are many ways to reach this airport. You can use a private car. This airport is equipped with large parking lots where you can park your car safely.
You can also use taxis and city buses to reach this airport. There are special taxi stands inside the airport, which are free for the public to use.