Iran Air airline

The first airline that was decorated with the flag of Iran was Iran Air. This company was founded by a group of Iranian businessmen in 1942 for the purpose of transporting passengers and cargo on domestic and regional routes. This company has a small fleet. It had Douglas DC3, DC4 and Viscount airplanes and once a week it made a cargo flight to Europe.

A little later, in 1954, another private airline company called Persian Air Services (PAS) was established in Tehran, which at first only operated in the field of cargo transportation, but later it also moved passengers on domestic routes to Tehran.

In 1960, Persian Air Services (PAS) also started its international flights on European routes. These flights were carried out with DC7 planes rented by Sabna company and on Tehran-London, Tehran-Paris, Tehran-Geneva and Tehran-Brussels routes.

Two years later, in February 1962, Iran National Airline Company (Homa) – under the international name of IRAN AIR – was established from the merger of these two companies and took over all the facilities and crews of these two private companies as a national company. Homa became a member of IATA in 1964 and made its first flight between Tehran and Beirut using a Boeing 727-100 jet.
It is interesting to know that the first flights of Iran Air were carried out with Douglas DC3, DC6, Vickers Viscount and Everyork planes, but later Homa decided to modernize and convert all the planes of its fleet into jet planes.

With the beginning of the 1970s and the addition of a number of Boeing 737-100 aircraft to the company’s air fleet, Homa entered its golden age because day by day more and more expensive aircraft were added to the fleet (a number of Boeing 727-200 in 1974 and a number of Boeing 747 -100, 200 and SP in 1975), and more successes and achievements were ahead.

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In the mid-1970s, Huma made countless non-stop flights to the European continent every day; During this period, there were only 30 flights per week between Tehran and London.

Also, Homa is the first operator of Airbus planes in the Middle East. The company purchased six Airbus A-300s from Airbus in 1978 for use on local routes only.

According to available statistics, at the end of 2018, Homa had daily flights to more than 31 domestic and international destinations and was planning to launch new routes to Los Angeles and Sydney.

It is interesting to know that Homa was always trying to maintain Iran’s strategic position as the connecting point of the East and West of the world and make the country the only successful cargo and passenger transportation center in the world. Therefore, it made tireless efforts in this direction until it was able to win the title of the safest airline in the world after the Australian company Qantas in 1976, because before the Homa revolution, it had only one crash in its record. 

In the last years of this decade, Iran Air was considered to be the safest, most advanced, most profitable and most successful airline in the world, and it had signed contracts for the purchase of Concorde supersonic aircraft with the Anglo-French consortium, which after the revolution in Iran and the changes in The country’s foreign policies were never handed over to the Homa Air Force and its growing trends slowed down at some point.

After the Islamic revolution in Iran, the foreign policies of the country changed completely and these changes caused a transformation in some of Homa’s international flights, and some of them, such as the flight from Tehran to Tel Aviv, were completely canceled and Iran Air tickets were allowed to be sold on these routes. No longer issued. Tehran also became the only center for international flights in the country, and foreign flights from other airports in the country were canceled, but on the other hand, there were other changes, which we briefly describe below.

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1359: The first of the 6 purchased Airbus A-300-B2K planes arrived in the country.
1360: The name of this airline was changed from Iran National Airlines “Homa” to Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines.
1369: The first of the 6 purchased Fokker F-100 planes arrived in the country.
1371: Iran Airtour Airlines, as an airline affiliated with Iran Air, started operating with leased planes.
1373: An Airbus A-300-600 was added to the Iran Air fleet.
1379: An Airbus A-310-300 aircraft was purchased from the UAE and imported to the country.
1380: 6 Airbus A-310-200 airplanes were purchased from Turkey and imported to the country.
2008: An Airbus A-310-300 aircraft was added to the Iran Air fleet.

2013: 3 Fokker F-100 aircraft and 2 Airbus A-300-600 aircraft were added to the Iran Air fleet.
2004: 4 Fokker aircraft were added to the Iran Air fleet.
2006: One Fokker aircraft, one Boeing B-747-200 aircraft and one Airbus A-300-B4 aircraft were added to the Iran Air fleet.
2006: 5 F-100 aircraft were purchased and imported into the country, and Homa was able to obtain SAFA (European Aviation Safety Commission) approval for the safety and continuity of Iran Air flights to Europe.

2007: 2 Airbus A-300-200 aircraft, one Airbus A320 aircraft were added to the Iran Air fleet, and 2 A-300-B4-F cargo aircraft and one B-747-F cargo aircraft were purchased and delivered to the country. Also, Homa was able to obtain the IOSA (Safety Assessment of Airline Operations and Control Systems) certificate from IATA.
Finally, in 2014, after the nuclear agreements and the lifting of some sanctions, Iran Air managed to sign a contract for the purchase of 118 airplanes with Airbus.

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This airline has several flight destinations around the world, which include:

Foreign flights of Iran Air to Asian and European destinations:

Moscow, Ankara, Istanbul, Rome, Cologne, Milan, Vienna, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Frankfurt.

Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Mumbai, Karachi, Beijing, Tashkent, Doha, Kuwait, Najaf, Beirut, Damascus

Currently, Iran Air office has about 8,887 personnel, of which about 1,198 are flight crews, about 1,732 are aircraft maintenance technicians, and about 1,900 are service department employees. It is also interesting to know that 60% of the shares and management of this company belong to the government and the rest has been handed over to the people in the form of equity shares.

Affiliated companies of Homa:

Iran Airtour Airlines and Homa Hotels Group were considered as subsidiaries of Iran Air in the past, and later, by the government’s decision, Homa Hotels Group was handed over to the Social Security Organization and Iran Airtour Airlines to the private sector.

Special activities of Iran Air:

One of the most important annual activities of Iran Air is the transfer of Iranian pilgrims of Baitullah Al Haram to Saudi Arabia and their return to the country.

In the past years, Homa carries out hundreds of flights every year during the Hajj season from different cities of Iran to Jeddah Airport, but recently, due to the many problems it has in providing airplanes, it is only able to transport half of the pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, and the other pilgrims have to use the services of Saudi Airlines. to use For more information about other special activities of this airline, you can click on the logo and visit the Iran Air website.