Mahan Airlines

  • Mahan Airlines was established in 1371 as a private airline company in Kerman. The name of this airline goes back to the name of one of the most special cities of Kerman province, Mahan, which is a very beautiful city 15 km from Kerman and hosts the garden of Prince and Mystic, a famous poet of the 8th century, Shah Nematullah Wali.

At first, this company started its activity with only two planes, and the initial flights of this company only transported passengers from Kerman to Tehran and vice versa. It was at the end of 1372 that Mahan Airlines made its first international flight to the center of Dubai, and 6 years later, in 1378, Mahan introduced the first Airbus 300 A into Iran’s air fleet, and in 1380, Mahan achieved a transformation with the arrival of Airbus 310 A. create a positive impact on Iran’s air transportation.

Airbus 310 A increased the ability of Iran’s air fleet in long-distance transportation, and gradually Mahan was able to expand its international flight destinations to Asia and Europe, and at the beginning of the 80s, this company managed to reach destinations such as Dusseldorf, Birmingham, Colombo, and Delhi. Add to your foreign travel list. Then, Mahan Airlines bought two Airbus 320 A planes and became known as the only modern air fleet in Iran, and destinations such as Manchester in England and Lahore in Pakistan were added to the list of foreign programs of Mahan.

In 2006, 3 Boeing 747-400 airplanes were added to Iran’s air fleet by Mahan, thus increasing the number of flights to Dubai to two flights per day and one daily flight to Bangkok.

In 2013, Mahan Air Company was recognized as one of the top 100 brands in Iran at the 10th Iran Industry Champions Festival, and it is interesting to know that the Mahan logo is a type of ligature that shows the letters of the word “Mahan” in the form of a bird.

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Mahan Airlines currently has more than 60 passenger and cargo planes, which use this number of planes for 24 international destinations in the Middle East, East Asia and Europe.

Mahan Airlines now has a domestic flight schedule to 32 different destinations inside Iran. Mahan’s flight destinations include Tehran Mashhad, Tehran Ahvaz, Tehran Birjand, Tehran Shiraz, Tehran Zabol, Tehran Sari, Tehran Sirjan, Tehran Kerman, Tehran Bandar Abbas, Tehran Rafsanjan, Tehran Kermanshah, Tehran Qeshm, Tehran Sanandaj, Mashhad Ahvaz, Mashhad Isfahan, Mashhad Kish, Mashhad Kerman, Mashhad Bandar Abbas, Mashhad Sanandaj, Qeshm Kerman and also Bandar Abbas Tabriz.

Since the establishment of Mahan Air until today, this company has always been equipping its air fleet. This equipment is on the way to increasing the number of foreign destinations.

Unfortunately, at some times, some of the foreign flights of this airline to Europe and to cities such as Dusseldorf, Manchester, Barcelona and other European cities have been banned and some have been lifted, and now Mahan flies to more than 20 international destinations.

The planes owned by Mahan Air are produced by three of the world’s top aircraft brands, namely Boeing, Airbus and British Aerospace.

Boeing airplanes of Mahan Air

  • Boeing 747-300 Mahan Air

Mahan Airlines has two models of Boeing 747-300. The maximum passenger capacity of this Boeing is 442 people. The maximum range of this model of Boeing aircraft is 9800 km. There are 26 business class seats in this plane.

Airbus airplanes of Mahan company

  • Airbus A340-600

The number of Airbus A340-600 wide-body airplanes in Mahan Airlines is 7. The maximum take-off weight of this aircraft model is 368,000 kg. It is interesting to know that the maximum range of this model of Airbus aircraft is 14,600 km. So this plane is a suitable option for foreign flights.

  • Airbus A340-300
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The length of Airbus A340-300 airplanes of Mahan company is about 64 meters. Mahan Air has 4 models of this type of Airbus. The maximum passenger capacity of this Airbus is 293 people and its maximum range is 13,600 km.

  • Airbus A300-600

Mahan Air owns 14 Airbus A300-600 models. The maximum range of this aircraft model is 7,500 km with a carrying capacity of 273 passengers. The maximum take-off weight of this aircraft model is 171 thousand kg.

  • Airbus A310-300

Mahan Air has purchased 10 A310-300 aircraft from Airbus. The maximum range of this aircraft model is 9,600 km. The maximum passenger capacity inside its cabin is 193 passengers.

  • British Air Space BAE 146-300

Mahan Airlines owns 17 British Aerospace aircraft. This airplane model is smaller and has a shorter range than other airplanes of the Mahan company. BAE 146-300 aircraft can only carry a maximum of 112 passengers.

Flight classes of Mahan Airlines

Mahan Airlines offers its flight services in two flight classes: economy and business. The number of business and economy seats in a flight is directly related to the type of aircraft. Airbus planes usually have more business seats.

  • ordinary class flight; Economy of Mahan Air

Most of the airplanes that Mahan owns are Airbus. Economy cabin space in Airbus planes is also bigger than other airlines. So, by buying an economy seat from Mahan flights, you sit in a large lounge and travel the distance between cities by air.

All economy class passengers benefit from hospitality services. Mahan company uses the most experienced hostesses in the country to provide hospitality services to its economy class passengers.

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Economy class passengers can place catering orders or enjoy the hot and cold drinks of this airline during the trip.

Inside the economy cabin, you can watch the boarding and departure of the plane through the monitors, or watch educational, entertainment and humorous clips during the trip.

  • business class; Commercial airline Mahan Air

The business class cabin is larger and has fewer seats than the economy class. In this part, a quiet space is provided for travelers to rest or study.

The Mahan Darans of Mahan’s commercial sector are among the best and most experienced hostesses in the country. In addition to specialized training in safety, these flight attendants have also received courses and specialized training in the field of providing business class services.

The variety of foods offered in this section is more diverse and from the menu of Iranian and international foods. During the zero flight, passengers can watch their favorite movies and programs on the TV installed in the commercial cabin section or on special monitors.

In this cabin, blankets, disinfectant packs and pillows are also given to passengers on flights over three hours (international flights). Also, children between 2 and 12 years old are given gifts as souvenirs, and adults are given makeup packs.

For more information about other special activities of this airline, you can click on the logo and visit the Mahan Air website.