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In the continuation of the introduction of airlines, in this article we will introduce the Aseman airline company and at the beginning it is necessary to mention that the four airlines Air Taxi, Pars Air, Air Service and Hor Aseman were merged in 1359 to form a single airline. And a bigger one will be formed under the name of Aseman Airlines, and now it is another Iranian airline that was handed over to the country’s pension fund in 2013.

Shortly after the establishment of this airline, three flight centers were opened in each of the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad, so that in addition to expanding the flight network of this company in the country, airline tickets for different routes are also easily available to customers. It is worth mentioning that each of the flight centers of this company has been equipped with a maintenance hangar and an independent flight crew to localize the personnel and specialists as well as to carry out daily flights.

Currently, Aseman Airlines, with the widest domestic flight network in the country and in accordance with its policies, uses mostly small planes (Fokker 100 with a capacity of 105 passengers) in order to provide nationwide coverage, especially in remote cities and regions that are less welcome from the point of view of companies. You can see the aircraft that has regular flights to 53 destinations (40 domestic destinations and 13 foreign destinations) in the image below with the specifications of the planes:

The flight routes of Aseman Airlines to the cities of Abadan, Ardabil, Urmia, Isfahan, Ilam, Bojnord, Bam, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Birjand, Parsabad, Tabriz, Tehran, Khoi, Dezful, Ramsar, Rasht, Sirjan, Rafsanjan, Zahedan, Sari, Sabzevar, Sanandaj, Sahand, Shiraz, Chabahar, Tabas, Asaluyeh, Qeshm, Kerman, Kermanshah, Kish, Gorgan, Lar, Lamard, Maragheh, Mashhad, Nowshehr, Yasouj and Yazd are being carried out and the foreign flight routes of this company are also to the countries Turkey, UAE, Armenia and Oman are providing service.

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Arman Catering is one of the catering companies that cooperates with Aseman Airlines and 50% of its shares belong to this airline. In addition to obtaining all the necessary standards and licenses from the World Health Organization, World Trade Organization and the European Union, this catering has also succeeded in obtaining halal certificates from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and the Ministry of Health, which only some reputable airlines in the catering industry have received. have achieved.

It is interesting to know that some time ago, Aseman Airlines announced that it intends to create conditions for passengers to order their favorite food during the flight and to serve a variety of dietary and special foods in order to respect the customer’s taste and achieve their satisfaction. Children should be provided on long-haul flights.

Aseman Airlines has always paid special attention to the two important indicators of expanding the fleet and improving the technical and operational capabilities of the personnel, among which we can be a member of the prestigious aviation associations of the world such as IATA, the growing trend of passenger movement, the development of the flight network, attracting and He pointed out the training of local experts, equipping hangars and repair engineering workshops and obtaining international certificates from reputable global organizations.

IOSA is the last valid certificate that Aseman managed to obtain from IATA, and other valid certificates of this company are as follows:

Laboratory Accreditation certificate
CAO IRI Part M certificate
CAO IRI Part 21 certificate
CAO IRI Part 145 certificate
CAO IRI Part 147 certificate
Air Operator Certificate
IOSA certificate

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Asman Airlines, like many other reputable companies in the world, tries to pay more attention to flight safety and health than other issues. Therefore, by taking advantage of the latest global achievements in this field, it has created a safety management system in its flights to provide more peace of mind to its passengers, and it is so confident in ensuring the safety of its passengers that the slogan “your safety in the sky” We guarantee” as its slogan and main goal.

It is interesting to know that despite all these facilities and privileges, Aseman has not been very successful in its performance and according to the report presented by the Civil Aviation Organization in 2013, this company has the first rank with the most delays by registering an average delay of 45 minutes. It took a flight among the country’s airlines, and these delays in some cases have been so unavoidable that they have led to a written warning.

In the end, it is necessary to mention that many airlines in the world choose airports as hubs in order to access the market as well as possible. The selection of these airports depends on their accessibility and capacity, as well as the amount of money an airline can spend on its hub. Therefore, Aseman Airlines, like other airlines in the country and the world, has chosen its hubs, which include Imam Khomeini International Airport, Mehrabad International Airport and Shahid Dastghib ​​International Airport in Shiraz as the first hub, and Shahid Hashminejad International Airport in Mashhad, Sardar Jangal Rasht and Sanandaj. as the second pole.
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