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Qatar Airways, the national airline of Qatar, Qatar Airways, is one of the largest and most luxurious airlines in the world. The ownership of this airline is fully owned by the government of Qatar and its head office is located in Doha.

It should be noted that Qatar National Airlines, as one of the most reliable airlines in the Middle East, has been a main member of One World since October 2013 and flies to more than 150 destinations around the world, and all flights with Qatar Airways tickets originate from Iran. From stopping in Doha, they move to the desired destination.

History of Qatar Airways :
Qatar Airways was founded on November 22, 1993 as a start-up company owned by the Al Thani family in Qatar. The company made its first flight on January 20, 1994, with a Boeing 767 leased from Kuwait Airways, and started its flights to Oman in May of the same year.
At the beginning, Qatar Airways had only two Airbus S310 airplanes, with which it flew to Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and Sharjah, but later, by purchasing two new Boeing airplanes and one used airplane, it increased its flight routes.

The expansion of the airline fleet and the numerous purchases of Qatar Airways led to the addition of various departments to this company and the increase in the number of its air routes, so that today it is able to carry out regular flights to all the continents of the world.
In 1997, a new management team reorganized Qatar Airways and sold 50% of its shares to private investors so that the semi-private company could become one of Airbus’ major customers in 2004 with a major contract.

It is interesting to know that Akbar Al-Baker, the executive director of Qatar Airways and a member of the executive board of London Heathrow Airport, has been working in this position since 1996, and many believe that it is Al-Baker who has promoted Qatar Airways as one of the most famous airlines in the world. .

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It is worth noting that Qatar Airways was acquired by the Qatari government in 2013, and while some of its shares are still held by other business partners, Doha has taken full control of it.
Currently, this airline has 179 passenger planes and 55 cargo planes with an approximate life of 7 years in its air fleet, which will be added to their number with new contracts.

This company has also been very successful and extensive in the freight sector, so that it plays a prominent role in the transportation of cargo in the Middle East. It is interesting to know that one of the important features of the cargo department of Qatar Airways is the use of Boeing 777F, which is capable of carrying 750 tons of cargo.

The flight classes of this airline, like most airlines in the world, are divided into three classes: business, economy and first class.

First class:
First class cabin seats are equipped with massager, heating and cooling system, TV, bathroom, bed and in some cases private room and delicious food is served in it.
With the two meters of space allocated to you in this cabin, you can easily recline your chair and rest and sleep in peace, in addition to this, you can use the suitable space provided for you to work or pray. get. In Qatar Airways first class, you can easily charge your laptop and connect to Wi-Fi whenever you want.

Business class :
In Qatar Airways business class, you can easily work or rest in your privacy. The seats of this cabin can be turned into a comfortable bed with the ability to bend 180 degrees to ensure a comfortable sleep for its passengers.
In the business cabin, using On Air mobile services, you can easily connect with the outside world, charge your laptop with the USB port, use the work desk that is installed in your private space, and have a variety of food and drinks. Drink non-alcoholic.

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Business display systems are touch class and you can choose and enjoy from a large number of movies, games and music available to you. It is not bad to know that Qatar Airways has a higher level in business class than other airlines, so buying Qatar Airways plane tickets in this class is more affordable than other airlines.

economy :
The cheapest Qatar Airways seats recommended for short-haul flights are Economy cabin seats. The seats of this class are equipped with pillows, blankets, warm towels and screens and are more spacious than the economy class of other airlines.

It is interesting to know that the economy class of Qatar Airways won the title of the best economy seats in 2009 and 2010. Also, Qatar Airways planes, like most long-haul planes, are equipped with screens with a selection of movies, music, TV shows, games, world maps, information about the destination country and city, and a personal phone. In addition, seminar halls, coffee shops and night clubs are among other special services of this airline for its passengers.

Allowed baggage weight in different destinations and classes of Qatar Airways is different from each other, but in general, the amount of baggage allowed for each person in economy class is 30 kg, in business class 40 kg and in first class 50 kg; The maximum load in all 3 mentioned classes is 300 cm.
It is worth mentioning that in first and business class, you can carry 2 hand bags with a maximum weight of 15 kg, and in economy class, you can carry one hand bag with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

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Qatar Airways has won many international awards so far, the best airlines in the Middle East, the best airline of 2017, etc. from the skytrax group are among the most important of them.

Interesting points about Qatar Airways:
Qatar Airways has the longest flight in the world. Doha to Auckland! The length of this flight from Doha to Auckland located in New Zealand is 14.539 km!
This airline is the first company to land Airbus A350 in America.
Qatar Airways is the first airline whose entire fleet is up-to-date. Qatar Airways recently ordered the purchase and delivery of A380 and A350.
Qatar Airways won the best airline award in 2015.
Qatar Airways has created employment for more than 45,000 people in the world, of which 32,000 are airline employees.

Free transit visas are provided by Qatar Airways for eligible passengers.
Al Marjan Transit Hall is one of the largest halls in the world, located in Doha. Al Marjan Transit Hall is 10 times bigger than the swimming pool of the Olympic Games. This lounge is so modern and magnificent that passengers should be able to take their flight while waiting there.

And the last point is that many experts believe that the flight attendants and pilots of Qatar Airways are among the main elements of the success of this airline.
To attract its flight staff from all over the world, Qatar Airways follows a special system that makes it a global airline more than any other airline. Flight routes and service provision, but also in the multi-nationality of the flight crew, is an unparalleled airline company.

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