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Turkish Airlines is the airline company of Turkey and the fourth airline company in the world in terms of the number of destinations.

According to the latest statistics, the planes of this company, whose main headquarters is located in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. They fly to 302 different destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

With more than a thousand employees, Turkish Airlines provides flight services to more than 100 countries in the world, and its main base is Istanbul Ataturk Airport, but it also has other centers in Esenboga International Airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, and Adnan Menderes Airport.

But if we want to give a brief reference to the history of the formation of Turkish Airlines, we must say that it was formed in 1933 under the name of the State Airlines Organization and as a sub-set of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, whose initial fleet included two Kingboards type planes with five seats. , there were two Junkers type aircraft with four seats and one ATH-9 1 aircraft with ten seats.

Five years later, in 1938, it became a subsidiary of the Ministry of Transportation under the title of the State General Administration of Airlines, and its first international flight was from Ankara to Athens in 1947. In fact, Turkish Airlines was officially established in 1956 with a capital of 60 million liras.

In 2008, this company joined the Star Alliance network, which is one of the largest global alliances between airlines and consists of 27 countries.

This Turkish airline has increased the number of passengers from ten million people in 2003 to 55 million people in 2014 in more than ten years.

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On international flights, passengers benefit from the services of real restaurants with rich and high-quality contents with a diverse selection of appetizers and delicious soups. Skilled chefs of Turkish Airlines have created a new concept in serving passengers. They give passengers the opportunity to experience a great dinner with samovar and candlelight on long flights.

It should not be overlooked that the variety of menus offered in these restaurants is so wide that it satisfies all travelers with different tastes and cultures. These menus include Asian vegetarian food, Indian food, raw vegetarian food, baby food, Jewish food (kosher), seafood, non-spiced food, low-calorie food, vegetarian food, baby food, low-fat food, Hindu vegetarian food, There are sugar-free foods, low-salt foods, fruit foods, and lactose-free foods. It should be noted that all the foods served on Turkish Airlines flights are halal and according to Islamic food standards.

No doubt, flying a long route without any entertainment would be boring. In Turkish Airlines flights, passengers have access to entertainment facilities. For those who use every opportunity to watch movies.

Passengers are also given the opportunity to experience a concert in the sky, with more than a thousand different music albums from pop and rock to classical Turkish music or music that suits the mood.

For those who cannot stay away from the world of news under any circumstances, radio and news channels will be a good option. It should be added that these entertainments are not only for adults, but children can also use suitable movies, animations and video games.

There is probably no place in the world where Turkish Airlines planes have not landed, because Turkish Airlines has direct flights to almost all countries in the world. As of February 2015, this airline has flown to 280 destinations in 118 countries, which is more than any other airline in the world.

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No other airline in the world has developed its air network to Africa as fast as Turkish Airlines. By the end of 2015, the company announced its 45th destination in Africa, which was the coastal city of Durban in South Africa. Somalia, Afghanistan and Africa are also destinations to which flight routes are expanding and improving. In this regard, Turkish Airlines has announced that it plans to offer more flight routes to Africa.

Turkish Airlines also witnessed one of the world’s longest flights from Ankara to Sydney (Australia’s largest city) in 2016. The flight, which was the first to connect Europe and Australia in a direct flight, was operated by a Boeing 777-300ER.

Currently, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul is the 13th busiest airport in the world and the fourth in Europe after London, Paris and Frankfurt. The number of passengers should increase by 10% on average every year, so that the current capacity of the airport is filling up quickly.

Skytrax (Skytrax is a London-based consultancy, originally known as Flight Services Research. The site ranks airlines and airports by surveying international passengers) is an airline and airport consultancy that Conducts research and surveys surveys on the quality of flight services, airports and airlines from travelers around the world. Every year, after its evaluations, this center allocates awards to the best airports and airlines.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, this center announced Turkish Airlines as the best airline in Southern Europe and the third best airline in Europe. In the same year 2010, the economy class services of this company won the title of the best economy class services in the world.

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Over the years, this company has won the title of the best business class food service, the best in-flight restaurant and the best passenger service.

It is worth noting that in 2015, Turkish Airlines even surpassed its German rival Lufthansa for the fifth time in a row as the best airline in Europe.

Currently, Turkish Airlines has direct flights to 302 destinations in 120 countries of the world and with various flights such as United Airlines, Air Canada, Thai Airways, EVA Air and Iran. Air cooperates. Turkish Airlines uses modern and well-equipped planes in its flights. Turkish Airlines attacks include various models of Airbus (A319-100, A320-200, A330-200,…) and Boeing (Boeing A310-300F, Boeing 777F,…).

Turkish Airlines has established flights for passengers who intend to travel to Iran in Ahvaz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Imam Khomeini, Tehran and Shiraz airports.

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