Hamburg Airport

Hamburg International Airport (Hamburg Airport) as one of the oldest airports in the world (1911) is located at a distance of 8.5 km from the city of Hamburg, one of the largest industrial cities in Germany, and it is an inspiration to the world in terms of architecture and art.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany from Berlin, and there are two main airports in this city, one of which is Hamburg International Airport, which is dedicated to travel operations, and the second is Hamburg Lubeck Airport, which provides cargo and Airbus test operations.

Hamburg International Airport (Hamburg Airport) as one of the oldest airports in the world (1911) is located at a distance of 8.5 km from the city of Hamburg, one of the largest industrial cities in Germany, and it is an inspiration to the world in terms of architecture and art.

In 1955, Hamburg International Airport was considered as the main center of activities of the famous and large Lufthansa airline company. However, because Boeing had introduced the 707 to the market and on the other hand, it was more noisy than the previous planes, a decision was made to The activities of this airline should be transferred to Frankfurt Airport.

However, previous experiences showed that moving away from the main airports and airline flight hubs to airports outside the city center cannot be a good solution and idea, so even though all the transfer work was done, in the end, the transfer plan of Lufthansa from Hamburg to Frankfurt, It was rejected until the reconstruction and development of this airport began in 1990 and a well-equipped airport hotel as well as another terminal were added to Hamburg International Airport.

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Of course, it is necessary to know that from 2016 onwards, this airport was introduced under the name of Hamburg Helmut Schmidt Airport in Germany and of course the world, and currently Hamburg Airport is the oldest international airport of the second largest city and of course Hamburg is the modern and industrial city of Germany.

This international airport is currently the hub of German airlines such as Eurowings, Condor Flugdienst and easyJet, and since there is another private airport in the city of Hamburg, some people use this airport as Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport), which is considered one of Hamburg’s private airports, is mistaken that the Airbus aircraft company is also located inside the premises of this private airport, and of course, it is also located near Hamburg International Airport.

Hamburg Airport has two main terminals that are similar in size and design and have a tall, curved, wing-like roof. “Airport Plaza” connects these two terminals and includes the check-in section, several restaurants, shops, lounges, and the urban railway station.

Terminal No. 1 was built in 2005, and the equipment and design of this terminal is such that it helps to save energy and water. Airlines operating in Terminal 1 of this airport include Oneworld and SkyTeam. It is necessary to explain that the flights of Iranian airlines also receive service from this terminal.

Terminal 2 is the oldest terminal of Hamburg International Airport and the construction of this terminal was completed in 1993. Airlines such as Star Alliance, Lufthansa and Eurowings subsidiary companies such as Germanwings operate in this terminal.

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Also, Airport Plaza is located between Terminal 1 and 2 and works as a communication building.

How to get to Hamburg International Airport
If you want to use a car, you have to go through highway 7. You can also rent a car inside the airport through car rental companies such as: Europcar Enterprise, Buchbinder and Budget.

If you want to go by train from the airport to the city center or vice versa, you must connect directly to the city center through the Hamburg city train, line S1. These trains leave every 10 minutes and the time of this transfer is about 25 minutes. The station of this service is also located right in front of the airport terminal.

Hamburg airport taxis are always present in front of the entrance doors of the terminals and you can go anywhere you want by paying their fare.

Facilities of Hamburg International Airport
Both terminals of this airport have all amenities for passengers, including restaurants, coffee shops, currency exchange, ATMs, clinics, hotels, smoking cabins, various stores, comfortable seats, etc. and many other facilities. Even you can Reserve a private conference room in advance in the hall so that you can hold all your meetings and conference calls in a private and quiet environment.

In addition to this lounge, there is another unique waiting lounge at Hamburg airport, the Lufthansa Lounge, which has good facilities. There is also an Emirates Lounge in this airport, where you can rest if you are a First or Business Class passenger or a Platinum or Gold Emirates Skywards member.

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Hamburg Airport was recognized as a 4-star airport by Skytrax in 2020 and entered the top 30 airports in the world in the Top 100 Airports 2021 ranking, ranking 26th.

For the sixth time, Hamburg Airport has won the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Award in the “Best Regional Airport in Europe” category.

It is necessary to explain that currently (November 1402), Iran Air has two flights from Hamburg Airport to Imam Khomeini Airport, which take place on Mondays and Thursdays.

This flight departs from Hamburg at 13:15 and arrives at Imam Airport at 8:05, and the flight duration is 5 hours and 20 minutes. These flights are both passenger and cargo, and the meaning of cargo flight is not that the plane is for carrying cargo, but it means that these flights also carry cargo and those who intend to import from Germany can use these flights.

Fortunately, Iran Air has an office in Hamburg for all kinds of services, such as buying tickets and carrying cargo. We will provide the numbers of this office below so that you can contact Iran Air and proceed with your work (issuing tickets, carrying excess baggage).



It should be noted that the working hours of the Iran Air office in Hamburg are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and the air distance to Tehran is about 3800 km, and depending on the type of flight, it is expected to be between 4 and 9 hours.

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