Sepid Tejarat Yeganeh Sharq Company, on 26/08/2019 in Mashhad city, in business matters of commercial and commercial activities and trading of all permitted goods, export, import and storage of goods, clearance of goods, consulting and sales and marketing services, obtaining foreign representation and Within the country, he started to grant representation, establish branches in different regions, participate in domestic and foreign tenders, obtain loans from banks for the company, enter into contracts with natural and legal entities with registration number 74513.

In the course of its activities, as well as with regard to the resume of the company’s managers, this company gradually entered the field of marketing, especially advertising marketing, and in this regard, in May 1401, it succeeded in concluding a cooperation agreement with Mahan Airlines and obtaining an agency. Marketing, accepting and attracting advertisements for in-flight televisions of Mahan Airlines. Also, in the continuation of this path, this company succeeded in obtaining marketing agency, accepting and attracting advertisements in the in-flight magazine of Mahan Airlines.

Among the activities of this company, the following can be mentioned:

Our mission:

We have come to provide the best conditions for customers, traders and exporters, manufacturing companies and business owners, to help them in the direction of marketing, sales and advertising in a principled and professional manner.

Our vision:

Becoming one of the largest multi-field companies focusing on marketing, sales and advertising until 1404 and providing the most complete packages of marketing, sales and advertising services by providing competitive service rates at the national and international level.


our services:

The services of Sepid Tejarat Yaganeh Sharq include the following: