Perhaps one of the reasons for building an international airport in Ardabil is the size of the city and of course its tourism potential. The start of the construction of Ardabil airport dates back to 1957 and 1958, and when almost another year of continuous work was needed for the country to unveil its first airport after the revolution, the eight-year war with Iraq stopped the construction of the airport project.

Until 1968, when the construction project was restarted with the end of the war, and finally in 1970, Ardabil Airport was opened with a 900-meter temporary terminal. It was almost suitable for the start of the airport’s activity, because the transportation fleet, security and facilities needed for flights were added to the airport and its flights were almost performed well until 1973 when the airport completed the construction of terminals and comfort and service centers as An independent destination started to operate from other airports and actually became independent. From this year, new passenger fleets, new facilities and new technologies were added to the airport, until the airport became one of the passenger hubs in the northwest of the country, with about 2 million passengers per year.

Currently, we can almost say that Ardabil airport does not support many cities for air travel, and even the most populated cities of Iran do not have flights to this airport, and perhaps the reason for that is the low number of passengers, so that the destination of domestic flights from the small airport of Ardabil city is to the two cities of Mashhad. And Tehran ends. But what has increased the importance of Ardabil airport is its international flights to the two cities of Najaf and Jeddah. These two flight lines are used mostly during pilgrimages.

خواندن این مطلب پیشنهاد می شود :   Gorgan Martyrs International Airport

As mentioned, Ardabil airport was renovated and developed more than before in 1973. This airport was able to gradually expand its services and make their access easier by building 2 separate terminals for foreign and domestic flights.

Good security and welfare tourism services are established in each terminal so that passengers never feel lack or discomfort. These facilities and services include commercial stands, buffets, restaurants and cafes, which I think are sufficient for an airport the size of Ardabil airport.

Ardabil Airport is built in the northeast of Ardabil, and to reach this airport from Ardabil city, you have to go to Fatemiyoun Square and then enter Shahid Dadman Street and move towards Sultan Abad and Noja Deh. Of course, before you reach Nujeh Deh, the exit of the airport is clear and it will lead you to the airport.