Flight knowledge

Many people who get on the plane simply pass them by without paying attention to these sensitive points, and in this article we want to address some of these issues that the flight crew is usually aware of, so stay with us.

Best time to fly?

People who fly early in the morning can rest assured that they will not face any flight delays at all. First morning flights have the best chance of flying on time. In addition, freshly laundered blankets are only given to passengers on the first flight, after which the blankets are refolded and given to passengers.

How often is cleaning done?

The cabins are only cleaned once a day, often during the night. Hand sanitizers can be your best friend during a flight.

The safest place on the plane?

The answer is simple, the tail of the plane. The reason is that the cockpit takes the impact of the fall and less damage is done to the rear part of the plane. So those who are more afraid of flying, remember to always book the tail of the plane.

How clean is the air inside the plane?

The air conditioning system of the plane is completely inside the plane and therefore it is a closed system. In other words, the air you breathe is actually the same compressed air taken from airplane engines. Compressors help to direct the outside air inside.

Aircraft warning signs

All in-flight warnings should be interpreted as follows: If a ding is heard once, the crew should answer the on-board telephone. A ding sound is heard two or three times when passengers land, take off and sit in their seats. This sound may be heard whenever the altitude exceeds 10,000 feet. If the ding is heard five or six times, an emergency has been declared. At this time, of course, the crew gives the necessary instructions to the passengers.

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Why does WiFi shut down?

In some flights where Wi-Fi is used, the speed is very low. This is because a small router is used by more than 100 people. Since the plane is a moving object, the internet will drop in and out quickly. If you want to connect to the Internet at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet, it is better not to open heavy sites with pictures and open one window at a time.

What happens if the flight captain gets sick?

The pilot and co-pilot always eat two different meals. Of course, this story is not legally written. But why is this unwritten law prevalent? If a food was bad (carried bacteria, contamination, etc.), someone else could take control of the plane.

I hate my chair!

It may happen that you don’t like your seat and want to enter the first class section. This is possible even after taking off, but not very likely. On some flights, it is possible that the crew will fill out a form and note the reason for your transfer. The chances of this work increase if women are pregnant.

Don’t pilots get tired?

The question that is in the mind of many is, do pilots get tired during long flights? The answer will shock you: pilots sometimes fall asleep while flying! In fact, they can have a short rest during the flight and leave the control of the flight to their co-pilot.

Will an oxygen mask really save me?

The oxygen mask only provides you with oxygen for 15 minutes. But keep your cool. It takes a total of 15 to 20 minutes to lower the altitude until the passengers can breathe easily.

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