Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Doha is the capital of Qatar and its most populous city located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It has hosted many international conferences and will host the World Cup in 2022.

Doha has an international airport called Hamad, which has one of the longest runways in the world and all amenities are provided for tourists.

Hamad International Airport in Qatar

Hamad Doha International Airport is very well equipped and modern and is the main hub of Qatar Airways. All Qatar flights and foreign flights of reputable airlines take place at this airport and it has become one of the best airports in the world.

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar, was opened in 2014 and is known by the IATA code DOH. This airport can handle 50 million passengers per year, so in 2016, this airport hosted 37 million passengers, which is why it was recognized as the busiest airport in the world this year. Reputable airlines such as Pegasus, Airlines, Aces Global and other airlines cooperate with this airport.

• Name of the airport: Hamad International Airport (Arabic: Matar Hamad Al Douli)
• IATA code: DOH
• ICAO code: OTHH
• Location: four kilometers south of Doha
• Website: dohahamadairport.com

History of Hamad Airport in Qatar

As mentioned earlier, Hamad Airport was established in 2014, and before the establishment of this airport, all Qatar Airways flights were conducted at the international airport. After the establishment of this airport, all Qatar Airways flights were transferred to this airport, and with the increase in the number of tourists and the development of the tourist industry, Doha needed a large international airport, and the idea of ​​building this airport was formed in 2003, and after this decision, it was This airport was opened in 2009, but some financial problems that stood in the way of this airport stopped its construction, so this airport was finally reopened on April 30, 2014.

Are Hamad Airport and Doha Airport the same?

Hamad Airport is the largest airport in Qatar. Hamad Airport is also known as Doha Airport or NDIA, the abbreviation of New Doha International Airport, and Doha International Airport is the capital of Qatar. Hamad Airport was named Doha Airport after the previous Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

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The building of Hamad Airport in Qatar

This airport has an infrastructure area of ​​2,200 hectares and is 5 kilometers away from Doha International Airport and can handle 50 million passengers per year.

This airport has a terminal that is equipped with different lounges and currently A, B, C, D and E halls are active and D and E halls will be expanded soon and F hall is going to be added to these halls in the future. to be
Hall A: This hall has 10 flight gates, two of which are dedicated to Airbus A380 flights.
Hall B: This hall has 10 flight gates, two of which, like Hall A, are reserved for the Airbus A380.

• Hall C: This hall has 13 flight gates, two of which are reserved for Airbus A380 flights.
• Halls E and D: These halls are under development. There are 4 gates on the first floor and 4 gates on the ground floor in these halls.

Construction of the new terminal of Hamad Airport for the 2022 World Cup

As mentioned, Doha will host the attractive World Cup competitions in 2022, and many people from all over the world will buy plane tickets to Doha and travel to Doha to watch these competitions. The government of Qatar plans to develop Hamad Airport to host the World Cup and build the second terminal. It is understood that the purpose of building the second terminal is to control and manage the high volume of traffic during the 2022 World Cup.

What are the facilities of Hamad International Airport?

Hamad Doha Airport is one of the best airports in the world and has very good facilities, some of which are mentioned below:

Currency conversion: Currency conversion is another service provided by Hamad Airport. Travelex Company has four offices in Doha Airport that provide all exchange, currency and financial services.
Internet access: There is free Wi-Fi in this airport, to use it you must connect to the Free internet by HIA network.

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Airport information: This center is located inside and outside the terminal and you can visit this center in all sections and floors of the airport for guidance.
Art works: If you arrive at the airport earlier than the time written on the plane ticket, you can enjoy the art entertainment at the airport. This art museum is located in the airport terminal and has domestic and international works.
Restaurant: There is a restaurant and cafe in this airport that you can visit for lunch, dinner and snacks. The quality of these restaurants and cafes is good, but their prices may be a bit high.

Shopping centers: There are duty free shops in this airport. These stores sell books, clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, food, jewelry and other items.
Children’s playground: There are 5 children’s playgrounds in this airport where you can spend a lot of time with your children. In these sections, there are internet, games, interesting slides and other things.

Other facilities of this airport include mother and child room, medical service office, pharmacy, gym, rest room, prayer room, bathroom, shower and bath, spa and massage services and other things.

Hamad airport flight information

Some of the most reputable airlines operate in this airport, the most famous of which are the following:

• Global Atlas

• Pegasus Airways

• Turkish Airlines

• British Airlines

• Iran Air

Qatar Airways flies from Iran to Doha, and the flight time from Tehran to Doha is about 2 hours, and there are also flights from Doha to Shiraz, Lar, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and Isfahan.

Oryx Airport Hotel located in Hamad International Airport

One of the best features of Hamad Doha International Airport is the Farroudgah Hotel. If you have to spend a few hours at Hamad International Airport between your two transit flights, the best way is to go to the airport hotel called Oryx. You can book this hotel for several hours and use its facilities. Oryx Hotel Doha Airport is one of the best places to relax.

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This airport has unique facilities and a 100-room hotel that is very suitable for you and your family. The minimum time to reserve these rooms is five hours.

How is transportation at Hamad Airport?

One of the most important concerns of Doha tourists is transportation at Hamad International Airport.

• Bus: This airport has a bus station located outside the arrival halls. These buses are good and affordable vehicles that tourists can use. This equipment moves in two directions. Route 109 goes from Hamad Airport to Masayed Industrial Zone and Route 747 goes from Hamad Airport to Al Ghanim Bus Station. You will need a Carva smart card to use these buses.

• Metro: The red line of the Doha Metro at Hamad International Airport can take passengers to different parts. This line also connects to the city center.

Get to know Hamad Doha Airport, Qatar!

Car rental: Hamad International Airport has a car rental office where you can rent a car under certain conditions. This office is located outside the arrival hall building.

• Taxi: The taxi station is located outside the terminal building. The rent of this equipment is calculated based on the odometer like in many other countries. Of course, the taxi fare is much higher than the bus. Also, if you have purchased a Qatar World Cup tour and traveled to this city, when using a taxi, it is better to use special airport taxis.

Limousine reservation: If you want to have a luxury trip to Qatar, you can reserve a limousine at Doha airport. To reserve a limousine, you must contact the airport transportation department and visit the limousine rental desk in the arrival halls.

• Al-Maha service: This is a special service for welcoming passengers, which you can book at Doha Hamad Airport. You can entrust the services of check-in, passport, flight card, going through security procedures, carrying luggage and other things to this service.

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