Mahan Airlines, like other major airlines in the world, has prepared and presented entertainment programs in accordance with international standards in order to raise the level of awareness, public information, spread the culture of study, and shorten the travel time for passengers.

Mahan Airlines’ in-flight entertainment includes various sections:

Making and playing movies and clips through the screens inside the airplane cabin is part of the in-flight entertainment. In this section, according to the time and destination of the flights, sports and entertainment clips and short and long movies are played for passengers.
Providing reliable publications of the country, including sports, political, economic, social, etc. newspapers and magazines. In flights, it is another part of the in-flight entertainment of Mahan Airlines.

The preparation, production and presentation of the special in-flight magazine of Mahan Airlines, which includes various entertaining and informative content on various topics, is also one of the activities of this department. In this regard, children and minors are especially interested in Mahan Airlines, and Mahan’s special letter for children and minors is also prepared and produced and presented to this age group on flights.

In the last and most important step, Mahan Airlines has launched an internal wireless internet system or Wi-Fi in the company’s planes and flights. During the flight, passengers can connect to this system with their phone, tablet or laptop and use the various programs that are prepared according to their taste. Programs including various domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines for reading, clips and short and long films and movies and animations with different topics for every interest, various and audible music for every taste and programs and other services.

خواندن این مطلب پیشنهاد می شود :   Age limit for use of aircraft

The in-flight entertainment department of Mahan Airlines is constantly updating and preparing and presenting various programs to entertain passengers and reduce fatigue and shorten the journey for them in accordance with the advancement of technology and in harmony with the tastes of passengers.