The Madrid airport project was completed in 1928 and its activity officially began in the same year. Madrid Barajas Airport is located 12 kilometers away and on the northeast side of Madrid, and the location of this airport on the outskirts of the city means that there are no problems or restrictions in terms of flight security, traffic, etc. The area of ​​this airport, which is also known as the main airport of Madrid, is estimated to be around 7500 hectares. Therefore, it can be considered one of the biggest airports in Madrid.

Spain’s Madrid airport is the sixth busiest airport in Europe in terms of traffic. This figure seems reasonable considering the population of 53.4 million people who used the airport in 2017. The first record of this airport was set in 2015. Because in that year, about 46 million passengers traveled to different places through Barajas Airport in Madrid, which was unique in its kind.

Another thing that has increased the prestige of Madrid airport is the partnership with the well-known Iberia airline company. So that this famous company is responsible for 40% of Barajas airport flights.

It should be noted that the Baccarat-Madrid airport is the main connection between Europe and South America. As we said, this airport has a large area; Therefore, there are five terminals for domestic and foreign travel, whose names include T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S.

Free internet, mobile charging devices, printers, exchange and bank teller, more than 30 types of restaurants and coffee shops, handicraft stalls, home appliance stores, clothing, jewelry, tobacco, lost items department, pharmacy, post office, emergency room, park Games and such things are all considered to be among the facilities of this airport.

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Thanks to these facilities, many travelers go to the airport several hours before their flight to spend an hour in its cafes or restaurants reading and exploring. Also, these food centers, stores, etc., make passengers not too tired in case of a possible flight delay. If you didn’t get a chance to buy souvenirs, you can buy souvenirs from the shops inside the airport.

Despite the playground, many families with children arrive at the airport more calmly. In general, it can be said that Madrid airport has provided a calm and popular atmosphere for travelers with its various facilities.

If you haven’t booked your hotel before traveling to Madrid, you can go to the hotels in Madrid airport itself. Most of the hotels are built near terminals 1 and 2. The names of some of these hotels include Melia Barajas, Ibis Madrid, Tach Hotel and Aeropuerto; Of course, remember that these hotels are made for temporary accommodation of travelers and you cannot count on them for a stay of several days or weeks.