Mehrabad International Airport

The area where Mehrabad International Airport is now located was a village called Mehrabad (Husseinabad) during the Qajar era. Later, when this area was given as a dowry to Esmat al-Dawlah, the name Mehrabad was chosen for it.

It was in 1996 that for the first time, the people of Tehran saw an airplane flying over their city. This time was equal to the end of World War II, and of course, in addition to the fact that this plane was a Russian plane, even its pilot was a Russian. This plane was transported to Tehran in separate parts, and by assembling it, the possibility of flying the first plane over Tehran was provided. In Tehran at that time, there was no news of tall towers at all, and for this reason this plane flew at a very low altitude and was well visible.

After this incident and following the increase in the use of airplanes in World War II, the aviation industry around the world made significant progress. In February 1304, the first airplane was created in Iran. This German airline called Junkers operated exclusively.

22 years after this incident, Iran took a bigger step towards the country’s aviation industry and after establishing a pilot club and importing 20 airplanes, the modern Mehrabad International Airport was finally established in 1317. But Iran’s activity in the aviation industry did not stop, and in 1325, a number of American Air Force pilots were sent to Iran, so that the Iranian Air Force could finally start flying in Mehrabad in 1328. In the year Mehrabad Airport was established, none of the Middle East countries except Iran had such a large airport.

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Another forward movement that took place was Iran’s membership in the ICAO organization, which caused further growth and progress in Iran’s aviation industry (passenger and cargo). At that time, Imam Khomeini International Airport did not exist and Mehrabad Airport was considered the largest and most important airport in the country. Currently, Mehrabad Airport hosts only domestic flights and some pilgrimage flights, and other flights, most of which are international flights, are carried out at Imam Khomeini Airport.

Facilities of Mehrabad terminals (6 terminals)

Terminal 1: This terminal hosts domestic flights and Kish Air and Zagros airlines. The facilities of Terminal 1 include restaurant, coffee shop, public hall, prayer room and library. It is interesting to know that this terminal is now in the list of national monuments due to its historical and cultural importance.

Terminal 2: This terminal also hosts the flights of Iran Air, Meraj, Qeshm Air, ATA, Airtour and Naft airlines. The facilities of Terminal 2 are as follows: restaurant, coffee shop, transit hall, public hall, sandwich shop, book stand, prayer hall.

Terminal 3: The third terminal is related to pilgrims.

Terminal 4: Terminal 4 is for departures from Tehran to domestic cities and hosts the flights of Mahan, Taban, Aseman, Caspian, Sepahan and Etrak companies. The facilities of this terminal are as follows: restaurant, coffee shop, transit lounge, sandwich shop, waiting area for passengers with delayed flights, hot and cold buffet.

Terminal 5: Terminal 5 is also dedicated to pilgrims.

Terminal 6: This terminal is for incoming flights to Tehran from different cities.

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